The Essential of My Diet


The best advice to anyone trying to improve their diet would be definitely to focus on wholesome foods. Imagine your body as a treasure, that needs to be fueled with vitamins and minerals every day. Nourish yourself with good and real foods – fruits, cereals, nuts, healthy starches, vegetables and legumes. It is the best thing you can do for your body.  Try to reduce eating proccesed foods full of flavours, sugar, salt and chemistry.

Nourishing your body with plant based foods is so beneficial. Not only for your skin, nails, energy level, lower chance of cancer and lower cholesterol but also for the planet. The most significant difference that I experienced with this lifestyle would be a far more better digestion, lower stress lever and mantaining my body weight. And last, but not least, simply having the best connection with food I’ve ever had. Being mindful when eating will also make a huge difference. Our bodies are smart enough to know what they need, so just listen to them.

To change someone’s habits does not happen overnight, but it does not matter. It is more fun to do it by small steps every day. They will do the work, trust me. Every little change counts and more little changes start to make difference.  Trust me, I went through it. It took me a few good years to change my relation with food to this healthy mindset I have right now.

So just try not to forget one thing, try to put as much plant-based foods as you can into your every day. Food is part of our life, that we will always have to deal with, so be good to yourself. Make it simple, but tasty and yummy as you like.





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