Roadtrippin’ in New Zealand

The farthest country I have ever travelled to is New Zealand. It was unforgettable experience and I still consider this voyage as my little travel gem. I have visited my sister, who had stayed there for about a year. I spent there two weeks. The best moments we lived through were when we set off for a roadtrip in the North Island for couple of days. Our aim was to reach the northernmost tip – Cape Reigna, where the Tasman sea and Pacific ocean meet. Without any plan where we’ll spend the nights, but with a car, map and two backpacks. Adventurous free souls on the road.

The very first stop I remember, that took my breath away was 90 Mile Beach, a costal beach with a wide stretch of white sand. We arrived there in the early morning, it was raining a bit, but the sun was about to unhidden itself from the clouds. Walking and appreciating this desert landscape, so peaceful and beautiful.


When we decided to go surfing down the dunes, it was the funniest moment of all. We rented surf boards and climbed on the tops of the dunes. Easy said than done. It was pretty a challenge to climb in the sand, when the wind so strong was leaving sand dust all over your body and especially face. Not mentioning that my whole body was almost gone with the wind, that strong it was. Reaching the top, I put the surf down and slide. Such a fast dip down and mouth full of sand , but the ride was so fun, so we repeated it, until we got exhausted enough to climb the hill.

The third day, we reached Cape Reigna, the most spiritually signifiant place for Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. We set off on a hike and were carried away by the charm of the stunning landscape.


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