Manifesting peace within me

To give an exact recipe how to find a peace with your inner-self is quite challenging. We have to find our own way, which works for us the best. It costs some effort and practice, but achieving this state of mind is just wonderful. And I am sure that each of us is able to do it.

The first step for me was to find a place, where I can practise to reconnect. The most at ease I found myself was by the sea. Staring at the sea and its azure shades calm my thoughts and set my mind free. Hearing the waves as they crash in and out, like if there was nothing more important. So I stay there for a little while or few hours, depends. I can fully focus on my breathing and be aware of my own presence. It fills my heart with peace and happiness on the same time. I become aware of things I usually not pay attention to.

I encourage each of us to find this place. It can be whenever, in the mountains, in the forrest, at your favourite spot or at home, in your room . As long as your thoughts and emotions melt away and your presence become just enough, it’s right.



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  1. Hiii ! I wanted to know : How do we do to stop our thoughts ? Or at least to calm them a bit. I always have thoughts coming and coming endlessly like waves, and it’s usually bad ones. Every time I try to concentrate, it doesn’t last long before thoughts come again, so I wanted to know if you had some tips to help ? And thank you for writing, I like your blog even if I haven’t read everything yet, I wish you a good day/night bye bye

    1. Hi Léanne,
      thank you so much for your comment and question, it’s such a good one. I was struggling with that too and sometimes I still do even now. It’s totally okay, it just gets better with practise. The best time to meditate is in the morning or before you go to sleep, because it’s the time when your mind is the most calmed and relaxed. Here are my tips on how to stop thinking while meditating:

      1. Watch yourself and the voices in your head from the 3rd point of view. Your inner self will always be saying something, so take this in account and focus on seeing those thoughts and narrative as something that is part of yourself but which does not define you.

      2. Listening to some relaxing music. You will not be distracted by your thoughts that easily if you put all your focus on the melody or sounds.

      3. Saying mantras and affirmations all along.

      4. Putting all your attention on your breath. Your chest rising and falling.

      These would be the techniques that work for me the best, especially the first one. Try to experiment with different styles, there is no single right way to meditate. Some techniques will get you into a calm state of mind more easily than others.
      I am sure you will find way that works for you the best.

      I hope I helped you a little bit, let me know if you try one of these.

      Wishing you a lovely day, Léanne!

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