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Growing up I was asking a lot of questions about myself, about my purpose, about the world. I was doubting everything. I never really get how the world became to today’s image and what it’s meaning. I was feeling confused wondering why we are here, what should be truly doing with our life and I was never really getting a satisfying response. To be honest, I was also feeling kind of strange to be wondering this. Like if there was no one to whom it matters. So I did like others, trying to be how I should be according to their opinions. And I simply stopped asking those questions one day. But the curiosity stayed within.

Few years ago when I became older, the same curiosity was about to be rising again. And I am so much grateful for it today. I decided that I will be trying to find the responses by myself. So i started to read more books, to listen to people who were wondering too (yes I found out that I am not alone), do yoga and meditation. Back then I just thought that there is something higher, something more to discover about the world itself.

I figured out that I was looking for something that was all this time inside myself. I don’t have to find any purpose of  my life, what a cliché that was eating my mind for such a long time. My purpose is my own existence. My being in order to be truth to myself, to follow my voice and most of all do my best in all aspects. That’s it, maintain my own integrity and shine my light towards others and the univers. We all have this amazing possibility to create our own journey, not according to the trends, or customs or stereotypes.

Now I feel so much grateful for the time I had felt lost. It guided me to explore and awake my soul. I am halfway, maybe not even this close, there is so much to uncover still, but yet I am fine. I feel blessed to be part of this amazing experience called life.

That’s one of the reasons I created this platform. I want to give you this knowledge in case you are wondering and trying to figure out your purpose in life. Do not worry that much, be your own light. Your being is your essence to everything and your intuition your guide.

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  1. Hi Gaby, on the same journey here! I resonate with your words, especially the part of trying to not worry to much about it and shine you light finding your way, being. Love,

    1. Hi Daniela,
      thank you for your lovely comment. So happy to hear that!

      Wish you all the best in your journey!

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