Sunday on the beach

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Today was such a beautiful day that after I jumped out of the bed and had my breakfast, I ran to the beach to catch some sunshine. Although it was pretty much windy. So I could not stay long enough to read my book, cause the wind was really crazy. I was just chilling there for a while and listening to some good music. It is so important to calm your mind for a moment and just feel the breeze in the salty air. I took a few pictures, just random pictures that I want to share with you today. Hope you are having all a lovely Easter Sunday.


One of my favourite place in French riviera, plage de L'Escalet in Ramatuelle. During the summertime it's just too overcrowded with people so I prefere going there in winter or spring. It's much more calm and pleasant. The sun is not too strong so you may get thrilled about exploring this lovely place by yourself. The nature is so pretty here, there are cactuses and rocks everywhere with little hidden beaches around. It is a must going here for a walk. That could be quite adventure though, because sometimes you have to climb onto rocks and it can get pretty wild. But nothing dangerous of course. What I enjoy the most is going here in the late afternoon. Firstly for a walk and then havingĀ a picnic on one of the beaches. Finding some higher spot in order to reach a lovely view to watch the sunset, it is just magical. Whenever you have a chance to travel to French riviera, I recommend this place to everyone.